Course Outline

BBA (Top-up)


The management major is for goal-oriented leaders. Management majors learn how to utilize human and financial resources to accomplish organizational goals. The management curriculum combines theory with application, focusing largely on problem solving, case studies, and small group projects. Upon completion of the major, students will be ready to serve in management positions in international companies, small businesses, or set off on their own entrepreneurial venture. Students interested in management should possess strong quantitative skills, enjoy problem solving, and have a genuine passion for leadership and working with people. Management graduates often pursue graduate degrees in business, law, real estate, and entrepreneurship.


1. BUS 4001 Managerial Skills at Work

2. BUS 4002 Organizational Behavior
3. BUS 4003
Marketing: Theory and Practice

4. BUS 4004 Strategic Management
5. BUS 4005 Financial Management
6. BUS 4006
Operational Management

7. BUS 4007 Managing Human Resources
8. BUS 4008 Entrepreneurship and SME

9. BUS 4009 Personal, Professional & Academic Effectiveness10. BUS 4010 Research Methods for Business and Management




Designed for today’s business executives with years of work experience. Online discussion, analysis and implementation are the main approaches from a strategic viewpoint.


1. MBA 701 Principles of Management Practices
2. MBA 702 Managerial Economics
3. MBA 703 Global Operations and Total Quality Management
4. MBA 704 Strategic Marketing
5. MBA 705 Business Strategy and Management
6. MBA 706 Managing Organisation and Human Resources
7. MBA 707 Exhibition and Convention Management
8. MBA 708 Financial Budgeting and Investment




The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is offered as a track under the Ph.D. degree. The DBA program aims to integrate the theory and practice of business with the context of current issues that the business world faces. The DBA is a professional doctorate that emphasizes the application of theory to actual business issues. The DBA program will help candidates develop proficiency in applied research by improving their methodological and analytical skills. Participants who successfully complete the program will be equipped for high-level positions in numerous corporations.


1. DBA 801 Change Leadership

2. DBA 802 Organizational Research Methods

3. DBA 803 Corporate Finance

4. DBA 804 International Business

5. DBA 805 Supply Chain Strategy

6. DBA 806 Entrepreneurship

7. DBA 807 Strategic Management

8. DBA 808 Accounting Research & Analysis

9. DBA 809 Project




1. PhD 801 Introduction to Doctorate Research

2. PhD 802 Quantitative Methods and Analysis3. PhD 803 Qualitative Methods and Analysis4. PhD 804 Research Plan5. PhD 805 Research Skills and Training

6. PhD 806 Research Essentials



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